How does it look in practice?

This is how it looks in practice.
This is all a very simple process without intrusive credit checks or loan documents – because you are not borrowing. Even bankrupts can do this.

The real question is:
Is it better to wait for $100,000 to double ($200,000) or for $400,000 to double ($800,000)?
That’s it – it’s that simple.
Our core business Canterbury Property Services was established in 1980. It’s virtually impossible for any $100,000 portfolio to outperform a $400,000 property over the long term. We have created many millionaires – often in periods of less than 5 years – often starting with little or no money of their own.

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This new technique to accumulate larger superannuation assets (not otherwise possible) is a most powerful wealth creation tool.

Despite being such a new product, hundreds of thousands of Australians have already made a start.
If this system is used to its maximum benefit, it is possible to have up to a dozen properties working for you within 10 years.
And this is after just one 20% deposit on the first property only.
However just 4 properties would represent say $1.6M in assets in today’s values.
Once again, is it better to have $100,000 growing on your behalf or $1.6M growing on your behalf?