Take the Next Step model

We have a quick initial meeting with you to provide information. After you have had time to digest the initial information, we do a second meeting that concentrates more on your present financial situation and what steps could be taken to quickly improve things.

Anyone you meet in our business will liaise with you in a quiet considered manner on the best way for you to progress. All our clients go at their own pace. Some clients are happy with just one or two assets they would not have acquired otherwise, and one client acquired 11 houses and numerous other assets in under 5 years and of course does not need to work anymore.

Why Be Rich?

There is nothing wrong with allowing your nostrils to catch the warm rich scent of money.

People often say, “We don’t want to be rich, just comfortable”. In western countries everyone REALLY has the choice to be rich or comfortable or broke. You really can choose. It’s easier to be fulfilled if you are rich. If you get to be rich and don’t like the feel of it, you can always give it all away. If you are broke, you don’t have the same option.

Everyone has a choice to live the way they deserve. There is no dignity in “just getting by” anymore. Being rich allows you to live without ongoing compromise on how you live, what you give to your children, parents, spouse and friends.

Being rich gives you time. Your time becomes yours, not someone else’s. Being rich means not having to waste time. Money gives you time – you don’t have to mow your lawn, you don’t have to find a carpark. To service your Aston Martin, they come to collect it and bring it back to you. When you buy your Armani outfit, you can buy every size to make sure no one else has the same. You might not want to do that but I’m sure there is something you would like to do. You get the time to find your real calling whatever it might be. One of our clients who had almost nothing 3 years ago now helps run an orphanage in Cambodia. Your life is running now, this is not the rehearsal.

People are nicer to you if you are rich. People are even nicer to your children and your parents. That’s just how it works.

David Gilmour (lead guitar, Pink Floyd) said (Quote) :

“Money can’t buy you love or happiness, but it’ll let you park your yacht right next to it”.

Another way to look at this is the quote from Spike Milligan (Quote):

“All I ask is a chance to prove that money doesn’t make me happy”.

Make the change now